Monday, September 10, 2012

Love the place that I'm staying at all the students in the dorm are nice and the caretaker is very helpful and adorable. I wish that my Japanese was better so that I could have better conversations with her.

When to Kyoto Station and the top of Kyoto Tower the other day. This is really the frist time in my LIFE that I have actually seen a mountain, and seeing them from several 100 meters high is breathtaking. 

Kyoto Tower 
Loved going there and its an inexpensive trip. But a little scary if your afraid of heights...

Kyoto Station
Lot of various shopping marts. I love all the clothing stores that they have inside, however the prices are a little to much for me. I love that the stores play both Japanese and American music. I walked into a store and heard Lil Wayne on the intercom... that moment was funny to me.

There is a part of the station that sells baked goods. I'm not a sweets person, but after looking at this delectables I think I'm going to have to try them 

The cat is the cutest

I want to buy one of these cakes for my birthday!!!

The view for atop Kyoto tower... Lovely

Whats so interesting to me is the fact that although Japan is made up of several different cites, each of the main cities are connected to each other by smaller cities. I have yet to see any "wooded areas" like we have back home in Michigan. 

This really makes me want to climb a 

So much city to explore 

Road our bikes along the river front  some wild but friendly cats. These little guys are so cute but won't stay still for a picture...Makes me miss having a pet

The view of the lake is so calming. I think that this is my new favorite spot. And a great place to practice biking. 
Along the river you can see all types of things such as children playing soccer, people on dates, and even a man playing the bongos

Take the placement test tomorrow hope that I get placed in the level that I hope for. I love that we get all this time to rome the city but also can't wait to start classes and meet more people. 

Till the next time - Tay 

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